April 9, 2013

My Belt from Steelhead Fine Goods

I recently got my belt and key lanyard from Allan (a.k.a. Steelhead Fine Goods) and I have to say, these things are gorgeous. Well, let's back up and let me say this: it's less about how gorgeous they look now and more about how they'll look a year from now.

Truthfully, natural vegetable tanned leather looks kind of boring to me; I've always liked medium colored leather because of the way it looks so 'lived in.' But there are very few materials that wear in as beautifully as leather. It darkens with age, gets scratched and then absorbs oils, and cracks in the areas of most use.

Beauty through usage.

And so goes the idea of this belt. The more I wear it, the more it will become mine. Soaking up skin oils where I might place my hands when I'm standing akimbo or where my hips scrape against a door jamb. The belt and lanyard are blank canvases.

But they're f*cking beautiful canvases.

The copper rivets on either side of the belt keeper are a discrete but elegant touch. It might never be seen by most people but it's kind of like lacy underwear on a woman--though she's got something over them, she just feels sexier wearing them instead of the white cotton alternative.

I love the lanyard so far, too. Despite initially thinking it was too long I changed my mind when I went to unlock the door and realized I could reach the lock without ever removing the key cluster. Function wins over form.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it wears in but at first glance I could not be happier.

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